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About Middle Tennessee Support Services, DUI School and other classes

 Our Mission and Philosophy

M.T.S.S., LLC is a leader in providing quality support and services to assist people in reaching their highest level of independences.

We are a company formed of dedicated and compassionate people who provide excellent human services that enhance the quality of life for the people we serve. with caring, hope, sharing, belief, and understanding, we provide quality support and services while protecting the people we serve from harm, abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation.

Our philosophy is "EXCELLENCE", which exemplifies the ideological backbone of our company. Our principles create directions, which promote the highest levels of support and services. These principles are:

             Focus on the People We Serve

             Focus on Direct Support Professionals

          Focus on Communication

     Focus on Measures of Outcomes

People We Serve:   is our first and foremost focus.

Direct Support Professionals:  Form our company by collaborating, to make our vision a reality, while providing high quality services.

Communication:  Is an essential focus for providing high quality support for the people we serve, our co-workers, associates and our community.

Measures of Outcomes:  we measure our outcomes by meeting the unique needs of the people we serve.

These are the guiding principles for the success of our company.

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